Walking Buddies

The Walking Buddies Group restarted limited hiking/walking activities on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The first walk since the pandemic shut down our activities in March was to Markham Nature Park and to Newhall Community Park. It was a 4.3 mile distance and 9 people participated.

Under the new rules imposed during the pandemic, we are forced to suspend hikes.  But conditions are changing rapidly, and we are talking about starting again.  Watch this blog for the latest news.

We were hiking only on Tuesdays, wearing facemasks, maintaining the recommended social distancing, agreeing to a revised waiver of liability, not carpooling and meeting at the trailhead. The drop-in fees were temporarily suspended and groups were limited to 10 each with a maximum of 20 hikers in 2 groups.

Above is a picture of the group taken at Newhall Community Park. Standing in front of a small lake are (left to right) Rolando Salazar, Ted Dobbs, Patricia Smith, John Walkinshaw, Faith Chia, Jean Sillett, Janine Walkinshaw, Bill Barber and Anne Sheldon.  It was a successful walk.

For more information contact Rolando at rsalazar94598@gmail.com.  For a schedule of planned hikes (pandemic willing), check our web site at:  Hike Schedule for July-December 2021 (tripod.com)