Greeting Cards

Welcome!  Greeting cards are popular among club members.    As a service to our members, we are offering cards that you can download in the form of a pdf.  We only have a small selection, but we are just getting started.  We plan to add more cards in the future.

Printable cards are readily available on the web, but they are usually conventionally designed greeting cards.  They probably won’t look good unless you print it on 67 lb. cardstock or index weight paper. And if you do that, you will have to score the folds, or they will crackle. Also, you need special size envelopes for these cards.

To avoid these hassles, our cards are designed as a letter sized PDF.  You can attach them to an email.  Or you can print them out in the paper you have in your printer, fold them in thirds, and stuff them into a standard size business envelope.

Whatever you decide, have fun with your printer. Happy Holidays.




Here’s to:
Good vibes,
Fun times,
And a fantastic year ahead.

Happy Birthday!



Card_ChristmasClassic Christmas card.

Wishing you fun in whatever you do,
May all of your Christmas dreams come true.

May your life be filled with warmth and good cheer this holiday season and throughout the New Year.



Happy_Holidays_2022sLove, Peace & Joy
And a wonderful new year!

Smiling people all around
Vacation days this month abound
Calling and visiting family and friends
Coking favorite foods and fun
May your home be filled with love and warmth
all through the year.



Congratulations on your retirement!

Wishing you the best retirement ever!
Enjoy the new chapter of your life with your new 7-day weekends!

We will miss you!