Advisory Board Minutes for December 21, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
March 15, 2021

Welcome & Call to Order by Fred at 9:30 AM

Present were Fred Rentschler, Bob Mohler, Jody Johnson, Kent Clancy, Robin Wolf, Jeanne Wolf, Donn King, Cindy Mohler, Regina Harwig, Rolando Salazar, Dave Dredge, Kat Reisinger, Preston Jones, Fred Weston.

Fred introduced Preston Jones who will talk to us about donating money to special needs camp.  Preston expressed his appreciation for the $3500 donation from the Senior Club last year which paid for 10 participants for the special needs camp. Preston will be working with both the Senior Club and the special needs club in the future.  Jody asked about the number of kids attending during the summer.

Previously the camp has maxed out at 30 kids with 10 staff members.  However, last year the camp was organized into pods with 14 kids per pod, which will be done again this year, so the maximum will be 3 pods of 14 kids each for 6 weeks this year.  Kids can sign up for as many weeks as they want.  They range in age from 5-21.  It is quite an undertaking for staff with such a diverse age range.  Each participant must be able to eat and toilet themselves.  If they cannot do that, they must bring an aide along with them.  It is a full day camp from 9-3 each day.  This year they will add swim service for each of the participants.  They will also increase the staff at the pool so they will have a higher ratio at the pool.  There are at least 10 families out there who could use scholarships.  Kat interjected that the camp is the city’s most economical camp and many kids are coming with some sort of financial assistance.  Last year the city was also able to fund raise $1800 which also helped include a couple kids.  People who can afford the camp do not apply for the scholarship.  They staff at 5/1 or 4/1 staff members per pod of 14 kids.


Approval of Last Meeting Minutes: Approved!

Treasurer’s Report: Bob has been working hard the last two weeks with Creakers and treasurer’s report.  He sent the income statement and balance sheets to everyone.  He reiterated the major income and expenses for the month.  He filed the 1099 form a month late because the forms arrived to him late.  He has spent a majority of his time registering the Creakers.  Currently there are 161 paid and registered members.  (Last year over 200 people registered at this time.)  Tryouts are tomorrow.   Fred commented that the fields won’t be open till Wednesday.

Correspondence ~ none

Manager/Coordinator Kat Reisinger is unsure of the fields’ availability.  There is a struggle with park maintenance to repair fields so she doesn’t know exactly when they will be available.  The issue is finding the balance between resting the fields to let the grass grow and being able to use the fields. She discussed minibus funding sources.  Wendy’s funding will be ending. Transportation is going on right now but funding ends June 30.  It’s been a y ear since we have been able to run our minibus.  We don’t always have staff to run the minibus.  Looking for grant opportunities. Vaccine clinic at Tice is going very well.  Preston is currently housed there. Future of Civic WCSC building is still not resolved. Everyone is anxious to get back but timeline now is that we won’t be able to get back till fall.

Presidents Report: Fred is planning for the Senior Center to be open in  September. A couple weeks ago Kat told Fred that Preston will start doing the city’s zoom events.  Presently we have 10 people doing bingo and 17 doing trivia.  We’d like to have the senior club take it over but we will need to increase their numbers in order to do that.  Robin will put a notice in the newsletter.


Unfinished Business

WCSC Secretary – Fred asked if anyone wanted to become the secretary.  There were no volunteers

Newsletter Anyone who has anything to put in the newsletter should send it to Robin.  We used to have 430 people who read the newsletter and now we have 730.  We are sending out 1200.  We are way above 60%.  Jody helps Robin by writing some articles.  Fred contributes jokes.  Cindy changed the newsletter format so that people could print only one article or one page and we had 70 people who did that.  Thinking about restaurant coupons in the future.  Thanks to Cindy for her contribution.

2021 dues collection: Bob said that over 230 people have signed up on the Perfect Mind site.  We don’t know how many checks have been sent.

Rolando asked about parking permits which we’ve had in the past.  Kat reported that the parking permits will come back when we open the building.

We will not have the membership figures from Carol at the city until the end of the quarter.  David thinks people will resent paying dues when the center is not open.  He thinks we’ve lost contact with all our members.  Robin doesn’t agree because of all the people who are reading the newsletter.  Robin thinks people join as a civic contributions.  Some people are actually asking to pay their dues.  Garden club is getting good speakers and there are many other good things happening.  Jody agreed with Robin.  David says he could agree if he knew how many people had signed up.  Robin says that Carol said 230 have paid as of one month ago.  We are currently over 300 not counting the Creakers.

Kat forgot to mention we are using Peg money from TV to create new learning spaces on zoom in addition to in person for those who don’t want to come downtown.  Bob said zoom is fairly cheap: $15 per month.

Garden Group. Jane West is head of the Garden Group.  Terrific group of speakers once a month on zoom right now. Some people are growing plants in their homes right now to be planted later.  Also, Bob Simmons wanted to extend the Creek walk so he would like a series of mini-gardens and we have just put the first one in.  Plants are small but they should be big by the time we are back in the building.  All are native to CC County.  All were chosen by Leslie Hunt.  The money was raised by Let’s Sing in memory of one of our members who passed away.  When the fields open up we will have members come and work in the fields.  Robin goes to the building daily to water the plants but she needs the code to be able to get water at the building.  Kat is working on it.

New Business: Jeanne thinks we should donate the same amount of money to the special needs camp as last year.  Bob says any amount we donate will come out of reserves.  Jody moved that we donate $3500 to Preston & Jody seconded the motion. The motion passed 8 yes, 1 no. Kat will let Bob know where the money should be sent.


Creaker application update: Creakers have been told they can start playing in the next 2 weeks.  Bob, Cindy and Don have been doing an incredible amount of work in preparation for this.  Don said he has been shuffling players to accommodate those who are not coming back.  They are using tractors and farm equipment to aerate the infield.  He feels they are ready to go.  The teams will practice for about a month before they begin the season.

Fred: Creakers have developed a protocol regarding Covid which he thinks the Senior Center should copy. Fred will send it out and the board will discuss it next time. Vaccinations are considered experimental so we cannot require anyone to get the vaccine. Also, there are some privacy issues with regard to asking people whether they’ve had the vaccine.  The greatest issue, as Fred sees it, are the players who are under 65 who cannot get the vaccine yet and are most vulnerable to getting the disease.

Kat says the city found a program which they will be using for the camps which will be sent to every camp participant every morning.  Each camp participant will need to click on and answer 3 questions, and their answers will approve (or disapprove) them to be safe in camp on that day.

Ambassador Reports: Robin, Qi Gong has more than 20 participants each month. Jody said she still gets asked about travel quite often.  Fred is hopeful that we might do something regarding travel together with Pleasant Hill.  Rolando is planning to begin Walking Buddies the second week of April.  He has written something for the April newsletters.


PROS Commission: Fred Weston announced that he has sold his home in WC and is in the process of moving to Tucson, AZ, so this will be his last meeting with the Advisory Board.  He will be greatly missed and everyone wished him well.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:53.


Next meeting: April 19, 2021


Walking Buddies to take one of their favorite hikes

In May, we will be doing one of our favorite hikes. It will be on the Briones to Mt. Diablo Trail via Larkey Park. The hike starts at Larkey Park near the swimming pool and connects to a paved trail that gently moves uphill to overlook the valley from the top of an underground reservoir and at the base of Acalanes Ridge. Much of the trail has shady spots along the way and is smooth and paved.

In the spring, one can find blackberries, figs, apples, grapes and other fruits along the trail or overflowing from neighboring gardens. We have stopped to collect some of this fruit in the past and nobody has turned us in yet.

The hike is an easy one, although there is a good, short uphill climb at the end. Some hikers decide to wait for everyone at the bottom if they don’t want to take the “challenge.” The hike is a lot of fun and just about everyone can handle it. It is approximately 4 miles in and back and takes about an hour and a quarter. Start time is 8:45 AM at the trailhead.

We will follow County guidelines by wearing masks, maintaining the recommended distance, limiting the number of participants and congregating only in outdoor areas. Everyone must also sign a waiver of liability and there will be no organized carpools by the Walking Buddies group.

To join the Walking Buddies group, you only need to be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club and contact Rolando Salazar at  He will add you to the email distribution list and you will get weekly details of the hikes.

There is also a hike schedule at, which is subject to change.



May Newsletter


WC Seniors News

Newsletter of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club

May 1, 2021

Alert: If you have trouble reading this, click on “View this email in you Browser” at the top of this newsletter, and that should solve the problem.


Seniors Club Update
from Fred Rentschler, President

I can report that things are slowly getting back to normal at your Seniors Club. During the pandemic we were forced to go to electronic media only to communicate with you. A new program of Zoom meetings was launched and is still going strong. We also rented a sophisticated email newsletter program that allows us to make live links so that members can click and contact services, event organizers and group leaders. This allowed us to connect you with our Zoom activities and with city events. A new garden group and a new Qi Gong group were established via Zoom during the shutdown. The garden group put in a new garden next to the Senior Center. The Walking Buddies had to go on hold during part of the shutdown but are now back on the trail. The Creakers started playing softball this March. So our outdoor activities are up and running.

We delayed membership registration for 2021, hoping to get an idea of when we will be back in the building. We still do not know for sure when the building will reopen but we are planning for a return sometime this summer. Registration for 2021 opened in January and is ongoing. If you have not paid yet, I encourage you to do so soon, either by computer or mail-in. There are links to both options in this monthly newsletter.


The Creakers Are Playing Ball Again

Opening Day ceremony for the start of the 2021 WCSC senior softball league. Shown is a moment of silence for The Creakers who have passed away since the start of the 2019 season.


Wednesday Trivia on Zoom

Trivia meets every other week on Wednesdays
May 5 and 19, from 2 to 4 pm
Sponsored by the WC Seniors Club: FREE

Do you enjoy the challenge of playing trivia? Want to have a good laugh and lots of fun while you exercise your brain? Then this is the activity for you! Join us every other Wednesday for a fun-filled afternoon of trivia challenge. This is a drop-in activity so no registration is required. Your hosts will be Bob and Cindy Mohler. Open to seniors, but space is limited. If you are interested, please contact Bob Mohler at .

You will receive an email invitation with a link to the Zoom session a day or so before the Trivia session.


Walking Buddies

In May, we will be doing one of our favorite hikes. It will be on the Briones to Mt. Diablo Trail via Larkey Park. The hike starts at Larkey Park near the swimming pool and connects to a paved trail that gently moves uphill to overlook the valley from the top of an underground reservoir and at the base of Acalanes Ridge. Much of the trail has shady spots along the way and is smooth and paved.

In the spring, one can find blackberries, figs, apples, grapes and other fruits along the trail or overflowing from neighboring gardens. We have stopped to collect some of this fruit in the past and nobody has turned us in yet.

The hike is an easy one, although there is a good, short uphill climb at the end. Some hikers decide to wait for everyone at the bottom if they don’t want to take the “challenge.” The hike is a lot of fun and just about everyone can handle it. It is approximately 4 miles in and back and takes about an hour and a quarter. Start time is 8:45 AM at the trailhead.

We will follow County guidelines by wearing masks, maintaining the recommended distance, limiting the number of participants and congregating only in outdoor areas. Everyone must also sign a waiver of liability and there will be no organized carpools by the Walking Buddies group.

To join the Walking Buddies group, you only need to be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club and contact Rolando Salazar at
He will add you to the email distribution list and you will get weekly details of the hikes. There is also a hike schedule at, which is subject to change.


Hooked On Books, on Zoom

Meets the first Tuesday of the month
Sponsored by the WC Seniors Club: Free
Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 4 at 1 pm.

Click this link to join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 836 2254 6421
Passcode: 614125

At the dawn of the 20th century, a great confidence suffused America. Isaac Cline was one of the era’s new men, a scientist who believed he knew all there was to know about the motion of clouds and the behavior of storms. The idea that a hurricane could damage the city of Galveston, Texas, where he was based, was to him preposterous, “an absurd delusion.” It was 1900, a year when America felt bigger and stronger than ever before. Nothing in nature could hobble the gleaming city of Galveston, then a magical place that seemed destined to become the New York of the Gulf.

June 1 Book: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (2017)

New York socialite Caroline Ferriday has her hands full with her post at the French consulate and a new love on the horizon. But Caroline’s world is forever changed when Hitler’s army invades Poland in September 1939—and then sets its sights on France. An ocean away from Caroline, Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish teenager, senses her carefree youth disappearing as she is drawn deeper into her role as courier for the underground resistance movement. For the ambitious young German doctor, Herta Oberheuser, an ad for a government medical position seems her ticket out of a desolate life. Once hired, though, she finds herself trapped in a male-dominated realm of Nazi secrets and power.

July 6 – The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2019)
August 3 – The Golden State—Lydia Kiesling (2009)
September 7 – Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
October 5 – The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood (2016)
November 2 – The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett (2020)
December 7 – The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline (2020)
January 4 – This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger (2020)


The Garden Group Presents:

Herbs in Your Garden for Colds and Flu
on Zoom

Monday, May 24, 10:30 am. on Zoom
For a Zoom link email Jane at

Did you know that rosemary is “an anti-inflammatory that loves the brain and also aids in digestion…” or that sage makes “a great gargle for sore throats” or that parsley “freshens the breath”? (from the Herb Society of America)

Our speaker, Lisa-Marie says, “To alleviate symptoms from colds and flu, why not turn to your garden? There are many plants useful in supporting immune and respiratory function that can be grown in your backyard or in pots on a balcony. In this talk, Lisa-Marie will highlight some of these plants — many of which you can even find in your spice cabinet — and discuss the ways that you can prepare and use them as nature’s medicine.”

Lisa-Marie is a clinical herbalist trained in Western herbalism. She received her certifications from Berkeley Herbal Center where she later taught students and supervised the center’s clinical interns. She has a private practice in Danville, is chair of the Northern California Unit of The Herb Society of America, and gives workshops all around the Bay Area.
To attend email Jane at


Senior Travel

Guided Walk & Lunch – Golden Gate Park, Botanical Gardens & More

Wednesday June 23, 8:45 am – 4:15 pm

WCSC Member Fee: $135
NonMember Fee $150.00

Escorted tour by Craig Smith. See what treasures are in our own backyard. Your guided tour will start with a visit to the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden, then continue with amazing sights such as the Shakespeare Garden, Rainbow Falls and the magnificent Buffalos. Mid-day you will enjoy a delicious, hosted lunch at The Park Chalet before continuing to explore the Dutch Windmill and Garden. Tour ends with a walk through the Botanical Gardens and their display of greenery consisting of more than 75,000 varieties of global flora. Cost includes all transportation, escorted tour, additional sanitizing on bus, lunch, gratuity and parking. Level 1 Easy Walking.

For questions please call 925-943-5852
or email


Hard at Work at Seniors Club Computer

We want to give a shout out to Bob Mohler who has been Treasurer for the Seniors Club for many years and has been been laboring under difficult conditions during the shutdown. The position of Treasurer, like other Advisory Board positions, is a volunteer job. During the shutdown the club’s computer took over the Treasurer’s home. Many refunds for cancelled events had to be mailed. The Treasurers usual work became more complicated. With the Senior Center building closed, snail-mail slowed to a crawl. The board and members extend appreciation.


Coming Soon:

Ancient Art History with David Hartness is coming soon on Zoom. See stunning images of art from cave paintings to Ancient Greece and Rome. Check future newsletters for dates.


For Your Amusement

Three statisticians go hunting for deer. They spot one off in the distance.
The first one shoots about a meter too high.
The second one, about a meter too low.
The third one yells, “We got it!”


Virtual: The Natural Wine Craze

One Session May 13, 5:30 to 6:30
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek: Cost: $20
Course ID: 00030544
Location: Heather Farms Community Center
Instructor Nicole Ruiz Hudson
Age Restriction: 21+
To register go to

Understanding all the terminology around sustainably made wines can be extremely confusing! We’ll work through what terms like natural, organic, biodynamic, and sustainable mean when it comes to wine, so that you can make more informed choices about the wines you buy. We’ll also explore some fun, related wine categories of wine with which you might not be familiar. To register go to


Coffee Break Qi Gong, on Zoom
for a Balanced Life

Mondays, 12 to 12:15 pm.
Sponsored by the WC Seniors Club: FREE
You can join at any time.
For a Zoom link go to (note that seniors is plural)

Qi Gong uses traditional Chinese exercises that engage the mind and body and encompasses posture and movement in a meditative experience. This 15-minute class provides a chance to take a break and relax with slow movements involving gentle stretching. Qi Gong is not a martial art and lacks the demanding exercise often associated with the martial arts. The leader, Bob Wolf, studied Qi Gong for 4 years at the San Francisco Chinatown YMCA and teaches Qi Gong to employees of a major corporation.

This class requires balance and physical activity. This means our insurance carrier requires that you be a member of the WC Seniors Club and that you agree to a waiver of liability to participate. For more information and a Zoom link email (note that seniors is plural)


Please Take This Survey

The City of Walnut Creek Arts + Recreation Department, is seeking the community’s feedback as we continue to plan safe, socially distanced programs and events.

The City would like to hear from you! Please take our survey by April 29 at

Your feedback is critical as we adjust and expand program offerings, while ensuring you feel comfortable attending in person or virtually. It should take about 16 minutes to complete the survey.


MAY: The Merriest Month

by Jody and Robin

“While strolling through the park one day, —in the merry month of May” as the song goes. In fact, as you stroll through Civic Park on the Creek Walk, you’ll see clusters of unusual native grasses. Some of those “grasses” turn out to be California native irises that are in bloom now. They can be seen when you turn off the paved path onto the side dirt walkway. The Creek Walk is located across the bridge by the large parking in Civic Park. On the Creek Walk, be sure to watch for bicycles.

We have lots to be Merry about this month – vaccinations are up – Covid cases down – restaurants, movies, etc. are opening up – and we can begin to gather together once more. And the Senior Center should open before long.

May is about spring cleaning. And it is a good time to consult the old Farmers Almanac, which had lots of advice about everything, not just farming or spring cleaning. Here are some of their suggestions in almanacs past: never drive a nail after sunset; don’t ever, ever rock an empty rocking chair; don’t walk around in one shoe; never return borrowed salt; – and lastly – drink May rainwater!

Have a safe and sane May – dance around the May Pole – (the Almanac has no restrictions or advice about that) — so just enjoy!!


For Your Amusement

A man comes to Mrs. Smith’s door and says, “There’s been an accident at the brewery. Your husband fell into a vat of beer and drowned.”

Mrs. Smith wails, “Oh, the poor man! He never had a chance!”

The man says, “I don’t know about that. He got out three times to go to the bathroom.”


Friday Trivia, on Zoom

Fridays at 1:00 pm
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek: FREE

Just click the link or copy and paste into your browser.

Meeting ID: 945 2122 9988, Password: 235086

Test your knowledge and reconnect with friends on Fridays at 1 pm by joining the community and staff member Justin Bodily for a fun game of trivia!


Celebrate Mom!

Nominate your mother or mother-figure for recognition of her unconditional love, inner strength, and courage. This is a free submission sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek’s Arts + Recreation Department to help recognize those superhero Mamas in our community! Nominees will be entered into a raffle to win a Spa Gift Box specifically designed to pamper Mom along with gift certificates to some Walnut Creek downtown stores. Everyone knows a mom who’s giving, loving, and deserves an extra special Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s your mother, your wife, or someone who’s been like a mom to you for years. Let this special someone know that you recognize how she goes above and beyond the call of duty and that you appreciate them.

Nominate your special someone by visiting


Bingo, on Zoom

Meeting ID: 501 673 844
Password: 445295
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek

Click this link or copy and paste this URL:

Be sure to have downloaded your free virtual Bingo Card before the start of the program. To download a Bingo Board visit:

Click on “Generate Card.” Then you can click on each square.


For Your Amusement

A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old laws of the church by hand. He notices, however, that all of the monks are copying from copies, not from the original manuscript. So, the new monk goes to the head monk to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up! In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies.

The head monk, says, “You make a good point, my son.” He goes down into the dark caves underneath the monastery where the original manuscripts are held in a locked vault. Hours go by and nobody sees the head monk. The young monk gets worried and goes down to look for him. He sees him wailing, “We missed the R! We missed the R! We missed the R!”

“Father!” cries the young monk. “What’s wrong?”

The head monk with tears in his eyes replies, “The word is celebrate!”


Spending Time with Grandchildren Benefits Grandparents

Grandparents can get big health benefits from being around their grandchildren. It encourages them to be more physically active. In addition, research indicates that involved grandparents report having more meaning in their lives, as well as lower levels of stress. (Cleveland Clinic Newsroom)

Spending quality time with grandchildren, while they are children, improves the mental health of grandparents. Having bonding moments with grandchildren lowers the risk of depression according to a 2014 study from the Journal of the American Gerontological Society.

Do your grandchildren live miles away? Frequent video sessions on Zoom, or on the phone with FaceTime, can bridge the distance. Send them photos of yourself that they can place around their house so they’ll remember what you look like and be reminded of your special place in their lives.


Murals in Downtown Walnut Creek Can Make an Outing Special

Murals have been painted in downtown Walnut Creek that will greet shoppers and diners as they emerge from the shutdown. This interactive butterfly is across the street from Mel’s Diner on N. Main Street. Nine-year-old Emily becomes part of the butterfly as she stands in front of it.

A visit to the murals makes a fun outing with grandchildren. You can see additional murals, such as the one below by Sirron Norris at the Duncan Arcade, which runs between N. Main Street and Locust Street across the street from the N. Main Street Starbucks.


For Your Amusement

Two guys were out walking their dogs on a hot day when they pass by a bar. The first guy says, “Let’s go in there for a pint.”
The second guy says, “They won’t let us in with our dogs.”

First guy: “Sure they will, just follow my lead.”
He goes up to the pub, and sure enough, the bouncer says, “I can’t let you in here with that dog.”

He replies, “Oh, I’m blind and this is my seeing-eye dog.”
The bouncer says, “Ok then, come on in.”

The second guy sees this and does the same thing. The bouncer says, “You can’t come in here with a dog.”
He replies, “I’m blind and this is my seeing-eye dog.”

The bouncer responds, “You have a Chihuahua for a seeing-eye dog?”

The second guy exclaims, “They gave me a Chihuahua?”


Walnut Creek Library is Open!

Lennart and Ulla Ekman check out books with David behind the desk on April 27, the opening day of indoor Library service.

Checking Out Books Inside the WC Library

Barbara Micallef checks out a number of books and holds up her new library card inside the WC Library.
You can still pick up books at the front door. To schedule a book pick-up at this library phone or text:

Text: (925) 438-0997 or
Call: (925) 977- 3355


Coupons for the Library Cafe

The Zatara Library Cafe, inside the Walnut Creek Library, is open for indoor seating, patio seating, and take-out. Click below to get coupons that you can print. Coupon must be presented to the cafe to get the benefit.


Here is the link to print coupons for the Library Cafe for May:


Adult Yoga Classes

Outdoor Adult Yoga Basics

Friday, May 7 though June 4,
9 am to 9:45 am
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek: Fee Required
To register, click HERE

This yoga class is open to all levels and is an introduction to Iyengar yoga which focuses on body alignment. Strength and flexibility are built into each class. Corrective and adaptive poses are offered so each participant can make this practice their own. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Bring a non-slip yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and yoga strap to each class.

Outdoor Adult Recovery Yin Yoga

Friday, May 7 though June 4
10 am to 10:45 am
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek: Fee Required

Do you need some recovery at the end of your week? Why not start this yoga practice to help relax your mind and body? Gentle poses will be held for longer periods allowing your body to relax into itself. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Bring a non-slip yoga mat, either a yoga blanket or large beach towel and a yoga strap to each class. Straps available for purchase for $10 from Instructor, contact Marie at 925-324-6490 before the first class.


Neighbors Express Program Continues

Even though the county is moving towards healthier tiers related to COVID 19, the City and the Arts + Recreation Department is committed to supporting its most vulnerable community members. If you are a homebound senior and would like assistance with grocery or library book delivery, please call our Senior Care Coordinator at 925-943-5852 or go to


Happy 100th Birthday Louise Roy

Louise Roy, shown here about 20 years ago has been a member of the Seniors Club for decades. She was often seen at Seniors Club Socials and her friends say that she has enjoyed travel, cooking, and a good dry martini. Louise walked every day until she entered assisted living two years ago.


The Humor of George Wright

  1. Cross-country skiing is great if you live in a small country.

  2. Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.

  3. Change is inevitable….except from vending machines.

  4. Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

  5. Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.

  6. How do you tell when you’re out of invisible ink?

  7. I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.


Growing Plants to Beautify Civic Park

Garden Group leader, Jane West with Nina Wong

Garden Group leader Jane West, above left, hands volunteer Nina Wong a box of plants that are hosts to Swallowtail butterflies. Nina will take home and grow the plants until they can be transplanted to the pollinator garden in Civic Park. Volunteers pick up plants often individually, with masks and social distancing.
If you would like to help out by growing plants at home, email Jane at
For more information about Garden Group programs click this link

Volunteers Needed to Tend New Garden

Above Lou Ann Maihofer is working in the new garden adjacent to the Senior Center.

Volunteers are needed to water and tend the garden.

Tuesday, May 4 at 10 am – watering plants

Thursday, May 6 at 12:30 pm – watering plants followed by optional demonstration on propagating plants by Layering.

Tuesday, May 11 at 10 am – watering plants 

Thursday, May 13 at 12:30 pm. – watering plants followed by an optional demonstration on propagating plants with cuttings

As in all Seniors Club activities that involve physical activity, participants must agree to a liability waiver. .

If you would like to help out in the garden strip, email Jane, leader of the Garden Group at


Hot New Fitness Product: The Outside

Forest Bathing

Creek Walk in Civic Park

By Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal, 4-9-2021:

Hey, everybody, so I’ve been trying out an exercise product this spring, and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. It’s nothing fancy, or even new. There is no charger, no bat­ter­ies, no Blue­tooth, no in­stal­la­tion, no 800 num­ber to wait 45 min­utes to tell a voice ro­bot that it’s on the fritz and you would like a re­fund, only to re­al­ize you were dis­con­nected 40 min­utes ago. It’s called The Outside. And I have to say, it’s quite good. It’s very simple, The Outside. To use it, all you have to do is open the front door, and there you are: outside!

Earlier this year, Betsy Morris wrote in the WSJ about the exploding science around outdoor activity. “Spending time in the woods—a practice the Japanese call ‘forest bathing’—is strongly linked to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones, and decreased anxiety, depression and fatigue,” Morris wrote. And it doesn’t have to be a trip to the deep woods. Basically, every kind of outside has some…upside.


Trees and Health

The California Urban Forests Council says that people who can see trees tend to have less stress. Studies have shown that when patients in hospitals can see trees from their rooms, they tend to recover faster. Trees have even more benefits when people walk or sit among them. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. The US Forest Service points out that trees filter air pollutants, including ozone and particulates. Moreover, the New York State Dept. of Conservation reminds us that trees release chemicals that have been shown to give a boost to the human immune system. Being around trees can lead to an increase in the number and activity of a type of T-cell that helps fight colds and flu.
All the more reason to appreciate trees when we go out for a walk.


Senior Transportation

Starting April 1st, the city of Walnut Creek introduced the new Senior Transportation Membership for 2021, which utilizes the ride service “Lyft” to allow members the freedom to get where they need to go within the borders of Walnut Creek.
To qualify, you must be a Walnut Creek resident, over the age of 60 years old, and all rides must take place within Walnut Creek. Please call (925) 256-3533 to purchase a membership or visit:


Activity for Mother’s Day

Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek
May 5, 11 – 12 pm – Heart String Art

Make Mother’s Day a little extra special with a handmade craft and card made with love. These workshops are designed for an adult to come with a child between the ages of 3 – 8 to make a special gift for Mom/Grandmother/Special Someone. Time will also be spent putting together a few spring-themed crafts and activities. Enjoy the park, fresh air and fun. ⁠

To register, visit our Special Events page HERE.


Word Play

1. Just so everyone is clear, I’m going to put my glasses on.

2. A commander walks into a bar and orders everyone around.

3. I lost my job as a stage designer. I left without making a scene.

4. How much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced? A buccaneer.

5. I once worked at a cheap pizza shop to get by. I kneaded the dough.


Garden Digest: Cottage Gardens

by Robin Wolf

Cottage gardens were widespread in Britain in the Middle Ages. They were typically the home gardens of farm workers or village shopkeepers and they were practical, with vegetables, medicinal plants, and some flowers. The original cottage gardens included native plants that were brought to a garden and domesticated. The flowers were dug up in the wild and brought home to add a splash of color to an otherwise practical garden, making medieval cottage gardens early native plant gardens.

In the original cottage gardens, it required little effort to make a wild native plant into a home garden plant. Rainfall in Britain could be depended upon to water gardens year-round. The gardener did not spend much time in careful pruning. Plants were allowed to reseed freely and to intermingle with other plants. The result was a garden with a natural, somewhat jumbled look where one plant grew into the space of another plant.

In California, gardeners are turning to native plants to create modern cottage gardens. California natives developed in an environment typically without rain from June through September. This year the US Drought Monitor (USDM) has declared parts of the Bay Area to be experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions. Some people might want to go to their local native plant nursery to see what is available.

Send questions and comments to Robin Wolf at


Bedford Gallery Classes on Zoom

Sashiko Workshop with Lisa Solomon

Saturday May 15, 2021
10 – 11:30 am
Tickets: $35
Click HERE for tickets
Organized by Bedford Gallery.

In this virtual Zoom workshop, join artist and teacherLisa Solomonto learn Sashiko stitching, a traditional Japanese embroidery technique used for mending. This is the perfect opportunity to mend a beloved item of clothing and learn a new sewing technique.

Bedford Gallery Art Projects

Unleash your creativity withBedford Gallery’s art projects! These art projects have been developed by Bedford Gallery’s dedicated team of docents and are perfect for all-ages. Enjoy the wonderful activities below, inspired byA Beautiful Mess: Weavers & Knotters of the Vanguard. Go to


Ceramics Classes

At Civic Park Ceramics Studio

Let’s Sing on Zoom


Let’s Sing on Zoom

Fridays at 1 pm

Each singer chooses a song to sing from a lyrics booklet of over 150 songs. While a singer performs, the rest of us mute our sound and sing along at home. For a Zoom link email


It Helps Us If You Pay Your Dues

Even though the Senior Center is shut down, the Seniors Club still has ongoing expenses, such as the cost of renting the program to send out this newsletter and the cost of printing and mailing a paper copy of the newsletter to those members who tend to be older and do not have a computer or email address. We are very appreciative of those who have paid their $15 annual WC Seniors Club dues.

Paying Dues by Mail

You can pay your dues by downloading this membership form, filling it out and mailing it with your $15 check made out to the City of Walnut Creek.
Mail to:

Mail Membership Form and check to:

Walnut Creek Recreation c/o CPCC
1666 N. Main Street
Walnut Creek CA, 94596

Your Membership Form must be included for processing.

Print your Membership Form by clicking on this link.


We Can Mail You a Membership Form

If you are having trouble printing the membership form and would like us to mail you a form, send your name and mailing address to the newsletter by clicking here: (note that seniors is plural)


Paying Dues by Credit Card

To pay your dues with a credit card, go to the City of Walnut Creek website:

For problems phone: 925-2951490. You will speak with a live person who will help you.

** For more detailed instructions go to the WC Seniors Club website:


Feedback From Readers

A reader writes:

Thank you Walnut Creek Senior Center. Reading the WC Senior News online has brightened my day. I especially enjoyed the jokes-really funny. Of course, the events you sponsor are really nice particularly during the time of Covid. Keep up this good work that you do for us at home!!
Michael G.

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Senior Spring Rec-Tivity Bag

Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek
Cost: Free for Seniors Over Age 65 (must pick up) or $10 if delivered. No Refunds

Do you know a senior who has suffered from social isolation and could use some cheering up this spring? Sign them up for a basket specifically geared towards seniors.

Baskets will be filled with spring and Easter themed goodies and activities for your loved one to complete. Each basket comes with a special note letting them know that they are cared for and how to find senior resources in Walnut Creek. Limited supplies so please sign up early. You must pickup the basket or, if you would prefer to have the basket delivered in Walnut Creek, you can pay $10 extra at checkout. Delivery to Walnut Creek addresses ONLY. If you are interested in donating to this and other special services for seniors, please consider making a donation at checkout.

Sign up at

Questions? Email


Walking Buddies to start April 13

The Walking Buddies will again try to restart their hiking/walking activities during the second week of April. For the moment, we will only be hiking/walking on Tuesday mornings. The hike on April 13 will be on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail from Rheem Blvd. to Moraga Rd. We will meet at the trailhead. It is completely paved and there is a lot of shade. As you walk down the trail from the starting point, you will see St. Mary’s College on the left and enter a heavily wooded area which is adjacent to Moraga Commons. The trail continues through the park and has stations for doing push-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises. The segment concludes in the Moraga Commons Community Park at Moraga Rd., but we will extend it briefly within the park. It is about four miles round trip from Rheem Blvd. to Moraga Rd. and back or approximately an hour.

We will follow County guidelines by wearing masks, maintaining the recommended distance, limiting the number of participants and congregating only in outdoor areas. Everyone must also sign a waiver of liability and there will be no organized carpools by the Walking Buddies group.

If you are interested in participating, contact Rolando Salazar at for more information. You must be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club.
The hike schedule is at (subject to change).



How to Get a Covid Vaccination Appointment Through Contra Costa County

First Dose Appointments
If you are age 65 or older or an essential worker (in teaching, food, agriculture, or emergency services) and have not yet been vaccinated, you can access state and federal vaccination sites for an appointment by going to:

the MyTurn website:
Or phoning: 1-833-422-4255

One of the local vaccination sites contracted by the State of California is OptumServe, which is currently vaccinating by appointment at the Tice Valley Gym at 2055 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek. Eligible county residents age 65 and over can request an appointment online at

OptumServe Website:

or call 1-877-218-0381 (option 7).
This call center is open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. weekdays,
7 a.m. – 7 p.m. weekends.

Contra Costa County recommends that you sign up either through MyTurn or OptumServe above because the County has a backlog of appointments and is now focusing on providing second dose vaccinations. To make a second-dose appointment at the county call:


Due to interruptions in the vaccine supply flowing to the counties, Contra Costa Health is not booking many new first-dose appointments. For first-dose county or state appointments, go to either MyTurn or OptumServe.
Nonetheless,you can get in line for a vaccination through the county by going to the Contra Costa County Health vaccination URL at
Click on “Making an Appointment


Hello Walking Buddies

Hi Everyone,

As you may have heard, I came down with the Covid crud in mid-January. Fortunately, it was a mild sore throat, cold and cough, but I tested positive, quarantined and consulted my Kaiser doctor and the Covid team nurses called me everyday during the quarantine to make sure it didn’t get worse. I’m now over it, although my energy levels have not gotten back to 100%. They say that is common and can take a while.

What do you think about restarting the WB activities on a limited basis again, like last time—Tuesdays only? The schedule is online and ready to go. It looks like other WCSC groups are restarting , too, in April. I’ve had my Covid vaccine and will have had my second one in March. I hope I’ll be able to do 4 to 5 miles by April 1; I’m trying to build up to it.

You can see the proposed limited schedule at:
Let me know what you think. Email Rolando at



Contra Costa Senior Legal Services

Available by telephone

CCSLS is available to consult with clients about urgent matters such as tenants’ rights, prevention of elder abuse, and debtors’ rights. They are also available to assist with Advance Health Care Directives and legal consults by telephone. All other less urgent matters and those requiring in-person visits can be scheduled after the shelter in place has lifted.

CCSLS is open and is available by telephone. Staff is working remotely, so please leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

Need an appointment? Call (925)609-7900 and leave a voicemail with detailed information, including your name, phone number and questions.

Link to CCC Senior Legal Services website:  Senior Legal Services