Jody’s Words: Thanksgiving 2022

By Jody Johnson

This year has gone so fast – last January when we were still masked and getting over being locked down it seemed like the year would never end – but here we are thinking turkey and cranberries! Speaking of which – did you know the turkey got its name from Turkey – due to confusion about what to call guinea fowl imported from North Africa to Turkey – the little bird ended up just being called Turkey.

Most of us like cranberry sauce with our Turkey dinner – but the Indigenous Americans used cranberries for healing wounds and fabric dye. Besides Black Friday being the busiest day after Thanksgiving for shopping it is also the busiest day for plumbers! Does your family fight over who gets the wishbone – well the Ancient Etruscans dried the wishbone in the sun and kept it for a good luck charm. Speaking of good luck charms – Calvin Coolidge was given a live raccoon for Thanksgiving – to be eaten – but he and his wife adopted the raccoon instead and kept her – named Rebecca – as a pet in the White House – not exactly a good luck charm, but a loyal pet indeed. We hope you have a thankful Thanksgiving!!


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