Walking Buddies Will Hike the Ygnacio Canal Trail

Photo Above: Twelve Walking Buddies participated in the hike via Larkey Park on May 18, which we described in a recent WCSC newsletter. The picture was taken at the turnaround point by Dan Crowley.


Meet at the Trailhead
Weekly, Tuesdays at 9:15 am
Tuesday walks are about 4 miles or 1 1/2 hours on flat paved or gravel trails.
There are occasional Thursday hikes

Drop-in group

by Rolando Salazar

One of our upcoming walks will start at Arbolado Park take us along the Ygnacio Canal Trail that runs behind Boundary Oak Golf Course. There is a flock of turkeys that hang out along the golf course and often peck the ground in the areas close to the trail looking for seeds to eat. We have sometimes seen the males courting the females during mating season, displaying prominently their colorful tails, looking almost like peacocks.

Our walk parallels the Ygnacio Canal along a shady path. Also enjoyable are the mother ducks with a string of baby chicks swimming in the canal so close you sometimes feel like you want to sit down along the edge and play with the cute little babies. You wonder how many will survive the cats, raccoons and other predators that are waiting for the chance to eat the tiny morsels.

We will walk past the place where Walnut Creek Open Space connects with Lime Ridge Open Space. Bayberry Pond is nearby. The Canal, itself, is underground from this point on. Most of the walk is flat and paved with plenty of shade. However, we will continue on the Ygnacio Canal Trail and go down a short, steep hill and turn around where the Ygnacio Canal Trail and the Contra Costa Canal Trail meet near Citrus Avenue. The waters of the two canals merge here. Our walk will be about 4 miles and is very pleasant and enjoyable.

If you would like to join us, contact Rolando Salazar at for more information. The only requirement is that you be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club and agree to its liability waiver. The schedule is at July – December 2022

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