Advisory Board Meeting, March 21, 2022

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
March 21, 2022

Present:  Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Jeanne Wolf, Rolando Salazar, Kent Clancy, Wayne Slater, Bob Mohler, Robin Wolf, Richard Sanders, Donn King and Preston Jones and Kat Reisinger, staff.

Call to order on Zoom at 9:32 am by President Fred Rentschler.

Approval of Minutes of February 21, 2022 – approved.

Correspondence – there has been an indication from Carol Varian (sp?) of interest in leading the Bazaar Group but Fred has been unable to contact her. Her phone number doesn’t work.

Treasurer’s Report – Donn reports unrestricted checking is $55,069 as of 2/28/22 which is down from January. Creaker restricted checking increased $110 to $30,833 from January.  Looking at the comparative income statement, membership dues was the largest revenue at $1798 and field fees were the largest expense.  Twenty four checks were issued in February for a total of $1747. Money collected by the City (for drop in fees and dues) comes in quarterly so it will be received in April.  At the end of February there were 822 members.

**Managers Report – later. Waiting on Kat

President’s Report – will be covered elsewhere

Unfinished Business –

Newsletter – Robin continues to do an outstanding job.  The April newsletter is mostly ready.  Robin asked Bob to continue with his Trivia articles.  This newsletter will include a video.

Parking regulations – According to Fred’s discussion with Kat, they are not going to change. Still issued for 3 hour classes.  The Board members can get a pass.  More later from Kat.

In Person Classes – they attendance remains a bit low.  Possibly because of mask regulations among other things.  Wayne reported that the Investment Club has about 20 people including new members.  Mah Jong was down to 16, Bingo 24, Garden about 12 per Fred. Hoping as things open up the attendance will increase.

**Managers Report – Kat stated that the City no longer requires masks or proof of vaccine except for the bus travel.  She is getting ready for the spring programs. She is working on the presentation next month for the transportation grant which has been popular.  Regarding parking, she states that the permits are for between 10 am – 2 pm in the back lot where they are required, they can be in the front lot and library for longer than 3 hrs. To get a parking pass you must attend events at least twice a month.  Kat also stated that a membership card is not required to attend a class.  The drop in fee is $2 for members and $5 for non-members.  Robin reminded everyone that currently the membership card gets you two coffees for the price of one at the Library Café.

New Business

Creaker tractor -The Creakers have done their due diligence and found a tractor for $14,681.25.  Payment for the tractor will come from the Creakers restricted fund of $30,833.  The funds are mostly from donations to the Creakers.  They believe they need Board approval.  Bob made a motion to approve $14,681.25 for the purchase of the tractor.  Jody seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Zoom – Fred will be gone May and June.  Wayne will chair the Board meetings.

Not on agenda:

Kat – there have been staff changes and boxes need to be removed from the travel office.  Fred will deal with them.  Bob noted that the WCSC records must be kept for 5 years per the IRS.

Kat also noted that the Café is moving to the Assembly Hall and will need the cupboards there. Fred has worked on cleaning them out and the Board agreed to donate the items except for what is to be moved to WCSC storage closets.

Ambassador Reports – Rolando reported that the Walking Buddies have had about 20-25 people each Tuesday.  The Thursday hike is once a month.

Fred reported that the Tennis Club membership dues have been turned into the City.

Creakers – Donn reported that the season has started and will go through September. There are 220 participants.

Trivia – Bob reported that there seemed to have been a 3-4 person increase perhaps due to the article in the newsletter.

**Not on agenda

Wayne noted that a couple of CDs are coming due at the bank.  After discussion it was agreed that as rates seem to be going up the renewals should be for 6 months.

PROS – no meeting

Meeting was adjourned at 10:16 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf


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