On ZOOM – Trivia Fan-atics

August 3 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The first Wednesday of each month
Drop-in group.  No drop-in fee

by Bob Mohler

We recently took a survey of our players to see if they wanted to continue on Zoom or meet at Civic Park. The overwhelming majority voted in favor of continuing on Zoom, and so we shall.
We are changing our frequency, however. Starting with June, we will be having only one Trivia meeting per month.
For a Zoom link email Bob Mohler at

Here are some questions from one of our members, so you can test your Trivia skills:

Can You Answer These Trivia Questions?

Trivia Questions to get the wheels turning:

  1. FAMOUS SAYING – Before 1928, your idea could not have been the best thing since this.
  2. DOGS – Most experts agree that this breed of working dog is the most intelligent.
  3. DISNEY – This 1940 Disney movie was the first animated movie presented in stereophonic sound.
  4. GEOGRAPHY – The island of Komodo, home of the Komodo Dragons, is part of which nation?
  5. FAMOUS SPEECHES – This two-word term was used to great effect by Richard Nixon in describing those voters who did not protest the Vietnam War.



  1. Sliced Bread (invented after 1928)
  2. Border Collie
  3. Fantasia
  4. Indonesia
  5. Silent Majority

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