Advisory Board Meeting, Jan 17, 2022

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
January 17, 2022

Present:  Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Jeanne Wolf, Rolando Salazar, Kent Clancy, Wayne Slater, Bob Mohler, Robin Wolf, Richard Sanders, Donn King, Ellen Sarbone.

Call to order on Zoom at 9:37 am by President Fred Rentschler.

Approval of Minutes of December 2021 – approved.

Treasurer’s Report –Rich reported that the unrestricted checking account is $55,935 up $5883 from November.  There is an unrestricted net loss of $81 for the year.  Checks issued for December total $868.  Looking at reserves, we have about 5 years going forward.  Should we be spending more? Look into putting more into attracting new members?

Correspondence – none

Manager/Coordinator Update

Kat not in attendance.

President’s report – see agenda below.

Unfinished Business –

Installation of Officers  – done for 2022

Newsletter – a thank you to Robin and contributors for a great newsletter.

Membership applications- There were several responses from the Walking Buddies and Qi Gong.  Robin saw that the separate email was used and the link to the City.  She will send a separate email again in February. We will get an update at the end of the month on new membership registrations.

Membership cards – We need to figure out how to get them out to the full membership.  There are still not a lot of members attending the in person classes.

The application for membership form was adjusted by Cindy to take out the part that says anyone over 90 years old has free membership. Per the decision last month.  Mah Jong, Bridge, Garden and Native Plants are now meeting in person.

Native Plants- people are growing seedlings at home, plants are being planted by the east fence in the parking lot.  There will be signs for the names of the plants.  The idea is to encourage people to think of planting native plants in their gardens.  All invasive species have been removed.  As it grows it should look nice and be informative.

New Business –

PA System – Fred will check to see if WCSC has a system.  The Creakers need one and WCSC uses one periodically.  This would be a WCSC expense if one is needed.  Wayne made a motion to spend up to $1000 for a PA system if none exist or if the current system does not work.  Jody seconded the motion. The motion carried 9-0.  Donn will email the information on possible systems to purchase when he has it.

Swimming exercise subsidy – Discussion about subsidizing the cost of swimming exercise classes for WCSC members.  The proposal would be to pay for the first two sessions for the member then they would pay for themselves.  Ellen made a motion to subsidize two sessions for each member up to $500 total.  Donn seconded the motion.  Motion carried 9-0.  Fred will facilitate the information getting into the February newsletter.

WCSC Voicemail – Fred stated that there are 103 unanswered voicemails going back quite a while.  He proposes that we pay a city employee to get it down to 0.  Jody made a motion to allocate $110/week for two weeks to return the phone calls.  Wayne seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Fred will discuss with Kat and keep aware of what is going on.

Investment Club – they will be restarting and a notice will go into the newsletter.

Ambassador Reports – Donn stated that the Creakers are busy getting ready for the spring season. Right now winter ball is going on.  There are 230 registered for 2022.  No other ambassador reports.

PROS – no report

Adjourned 10:49 am

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf


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