Join Trivia Fan-atics for Zoom Trivia

Wednesday May 18, 2022
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Zoom Session

Every other week on Wednesdays.  Starting in June, we will play the first Wednesday of the month.
Drop-in Zoom group.  No drop-in fee

For a Zoom link email Bob Mohler at

How Do Trivia Fan-atics Play Trivia?

by Bob Mohler

We have to admit, we did not invent the format we use for Trivia. In fact, we modeled our trivia game on the trivia games played multiple times per day on Princess Cruise ships. Before the Covid 19 pandemic, my wife and I cruised once or twice yearly, and we really enjoyed the way that Princess conducted the game. Trivia was very popular and competitive on Princess ships with good sized crowds attending all sessions.

We followed the same format when we played Trivia at the Senior Center before the pandemic. Since then, we have been playing on Zoom and we have followed the same format except we are unable to form teams, other than players who are cohabitating. We created two categories of winners – singles and couples, and we award applause to each category.

Here are 10 questions from a set used in March. These are nostalgia questions from the fifties. Do you remember these?

1) “House of Wax” and “Creature from the Black Lagoon” were movies that were released in 1953. They were made with something called “stereoscopic linear polarization”, better known as what?

2) Why was the first McDonald’s drive-through created in 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona, near Fort Huachuca?

3) The “Yankee Clipper” retired from baseball in 1951. He hit safely in 56 games, breaking a record which had stood since 1897. Who was he?

4) “Rock Around the Clock”, an early rock and roll song, was released in 1953. What was the band called?

5) In 1956, Elvis Presley appeared in his first movie. The original title was “The Reno Brothers”, but was changed to the title of a song that Elvis sang in the movie. Name the song or the movie.

6) Complete the Campbell soup slogan. Have you had your soup ______?

7) Complete the General Motors slogan. See the USA ___ ___ _________?

8) Complete the slogan. Winston tastes good ___ ___ ____ _________?

9) Name the cereal that was shot from guns.

10) Complete this slogan. Look ma, no _________!

So, if you like trivia, just send an email, and we’ll send you an invitation. The more the merrier.

When you get the email with the link, just click on the blue Zoom link, and it will download and run the Zoom program.  If you are not familiar with ZOOM, we suggest you visit the following website for further information. The Website is: You will also find links to test your equipment.

By the way, the answers are at the bottom of this post Good luck.


Answers to Trivia Questions
1) 3-D
2) to serve military members who were not permitted to get out of their cars off-post while wearing fatigues
3) Joe DiMaggio
4) Bill Haley and His Comets.
5) Viva Las Vegas or Love me Tender.
6) Have you had your soup today?
7) See the USA in your Chevrolet.
8) Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.
9) Quaker Puffed Wheat or Rice
10) Look ma, no cavities! (Crest toothpaste)


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