Volunteer with the Walnut Creek Seniors Club

Interested in Meeting People? Have a Passion to Share? Volunteer!

The Walnut Creek Seniors Club, in partnership with the City of Walnut Creek Social Services Division, is looking for adult community members to lead programs. 90% of our senior programs are led by volunteers in the community who have a passion for their topic and want to share it with others. Do you love crochet? Are you passionate about discussion local events? Do you want to play bridge on a more regular basis?

If you have an interest you’d like to share with the community, we’d love to talk to you! As a city volunteer, we will handle the scheduling, liability and insurance issues, marketing and providing ample room space for your program, discussion group or activity. Meetings can be monthly, biweekly or weekly. If you are interested or just have questions, please connect with Civic Park Manager, Kat Reisinger at


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