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Deer Resistant Gardens

by Robin Wolf

Photo below: California native deer resistant Sticky Monkey Flower

November is planting season. Many people worry that, once in the ground, deer will eat their plants. Volunteers in the Seniors Club are planting butterfly gardens near the Senior Center. We regularly see deer hoof prints in the gardens, but so far very few plants have been nibbled. Although no plant is deer proof, many California native plants are deer resistant. This is not surprising because native plants have coexisted with deer for thousands of years. When planning the gardens, we used the free website,, where you can look up a native plant by name and find out whether it is deer resistant. One of these deer resistant plants is Yerba Buena, which used to be so common in the Bay Area that San Francisco was originally named Yerba Buena after the plant.

One garden is at the back of the small parking lot and a new garden is being planted at the entry to the small parking lot on the creek side of the driveway.

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