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Walking Buddies

Photo Above: Twelve Walking Buddies participated in the hike via Larkey Park on May 18, which we described in a recent WCSC newsletter. The picture was taken at the turnaround point by Dan Crowley.


by Rolando Salazar

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, Walking Buddies will walk from and through Markham Arboretum via a trail that follows Galindo Creek and continues into Newhall Park. We will return along the same trail for an approximate 4 mile walk. Our group has done this walk many times in the past and it is an easy and enjoyable outing.

Markham Arboretum is a 16 acre park maintained by the City of Concord. It has about 45 different species of trees. It was originally private property owned by a Concord family that planted many of the trees and donated it to the City of Concord.

We will also be walking through Newhall Community Park which is composed of 126 acres. Galindo Creek goes through the park and there are ponds along the creek, picnic areas, bocce courts, a fenced dog exercising area, athletic playing fields and a Vietnam Memorial at the top of a knoll inside the park. The paved and dirt paths are excellent for our walk.
Bring evidence of vaccination.

For more information contact Rolando Salazar at

The schedule is online at  Hike Schedule for July-December 2021 (

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