Opening Date: Thursday, September 9

On Thursday, September 9th, The Seniors Center on Civic Drive will reopen for business, but with Covid-19 still a factor, there will be new requirements in place as we attempt to return to normalcy. Every person who enters a City owned building will be required to prove they have been vaccinated. And once in the building, masks are required. The proof of vaccination needed is the Covid-19 vaccination card you were given when you received the shots. The City will be using a 3rd party program called FastScreen by Curacubby to do this. This is a smartphone app that will verify that the vaccination form you have in your possession is legitimate. The program is not up and running yet, so for now there will be City employees on site who will walk you through this process. You can also take a photo of both sides of the vaccination card and save them to your phone or bring the actual vaccination card with you, but you must follow these procedures to get in the building. And you must have a mask with you to get into the building. You can call The Seniors Center voicemail line at
925 943 5851 Or The City voicemail line at 925 943 5852 or 925 295 1490 for more information.

There will also be a few changes to the way The Seniors Club operates. Right now the groups that will be functioning are: Bingo, Bridge, The Perennial Garden group, The native Plant Garden Project, The Creakers, Qi Gong, Bicycling, Hooked on Books, The Investment Club, Let’s Sing, Mah Jongg, Petanque, The Ski Club, Tennis, Trivia, and Walking Buddies. If you are a member of any of these groups, call your group leader for more information on specifics. Currently, many of the on-site groups will continue to use Zoom for a while but others will start in-person meeting this month. Check below for times and dates of the group meeting.

We appreciate that most of you have renewed your dues for 2021 already. One of the new policies of The Seniors Club is that everyone must be a current member to join any group. If you have not renewed yet, you can use the internet or mail in your application. The application form and internet links are below. Or you can pay in person at the Seniors Center. But if you pay in person, remember to have your vaccination card, a mask, and patience.

Another new procedure will be a $2 mandatory drop-in fee for all the on-site group meetings. We will explain the collection system at the group meetings.

There obviously will be some bumps in the road as we return to in-person meetings and there will be some confusion and frustration as we adjust to a different reality. But we all have the same goal, to better our lives as seniors.

Becoming a member

You must be a member in order to participate in any drop-in or Zoom groups.  Unless you enjoy standing in line to become a member, you can sign up online. Our membership page contains all the details, including a form that you can print out , and a number for telephone help.  After Sept. 9 staff will be available to help during Civic Park Community Center open hours. – Monday through Thursday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Don’t wait until the last minute.

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