Meet Volunteer Frank Napoli

by Donn King

When you see Senior Club volunteer Frank Napoli for the first time, try not to hold it against him that he is so handsome. It’s a terrible affliction that Frank has struggled with his entire life. However, this is one good-looking guy that you can trust. Frank puts in literally dozens, if not hundreds, of hours working for seniors here is the county. He shops and delivers groceries and library books, runs errands, and drives our club members all over the county to appointments and engagements. Frank also is active in the Creaker softball program, the senior softball club for Walnut Creek Senior Club members. He is a generous teammate and although he is a talented ball player, Frank keeps a low profile and just does his job.

Frank had a successful career in the news business and lived in England and Italy with his family for extended periods of time. He is fluent in Italian and is a man of broad experience. He lives in Walnut Creek with his wife Kathy. They have been married for 44 years and have three grown sons. Frank grew up in New Jersey and stays very emotionally close to his family. When you see Frank out in the ball field, or running errands for seniors, don’t forget to thank him for his work. He is a guy whom we are very lucky to have.

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