Garden Wizards Zoom Meeting

Attracting Butterflies and Other Pollinators

Monday April 26, 10:30 am

Terry Smith wants to spread the word about the benefits of planting a habitat garden. She will answer the question: Who are the local pollinators in our area and what do they need to feel welcome your garden? Terry will discuss plants that attract pollinators and also grow well in Contra Costa County. Butterflies need not only nectar plants, but also host plants where they can lay their eggs and their larvae can eat tasty leaves to eat. Terry says, “We encourage people to plant year round flowering plants, so there is always a source of food.” She will point out garden practices that encourage pollinators and well as practices to avoid.

Terry Smith is a co-founder of the Pollinator Posse. She appears at events and visits classrooms to spread the word about the life cycles of pollinators and the need to build habitat for them in our gardens.

To reserve a space and receive a Zoom link, email Jane, the leader of the Garden Group, at



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