Walking Buddies to start April 13

The Walking Buddies will again try to restart their hiking/walking activities during the second week of April. For the moment, we will only be hiking/walking on Tuesday mornings. The hike on April 13 will be on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail from Rheem Blvd. to Moraga Rd. We will meet at the trailhead. It is completely paved and there is a lot of shade. As you walk down the trail from the starting point, you will see St. Mary’s College on the left and enter a heavily wooded area which is adjacent to Moraga Commons. The trail continues through the park and has stations for doing push-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises. The segment concludes in the Moraga Commons Community Park at Moraga Rd., but we will extend it briefly within the park. It is about four miles round trip from Rheem Blvd. to Moraga Rd. and back or approximately an hour.

We will follow County guidelines by wearing masks, maintaining the recommended distance, limiting the number of participants and congregating only in outdoor areas. Everyone must also sign a waiver of liability and there will be no organized carpools by the Walking Buddies group.

If you are interested in participating, contact Rolando Salazar at for more information. You must be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club.
The hike schedule is at (subject to change).


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