Virtual Tai Chi

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:45 to 10 am during the Month of March
First two classes free; remaining classes cost $10/class
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek

Zoom Codes for all classes:
ID: 429 995 101
PW: 552 555

This 15 minute warm up is a great entry to personal movement. Then join wellness expert Tina Parrish for an informational and fun class. No need to register. No need to be in shape. First 2 Functional Movement classes are free and then it’s $10/class. Class on being able to move better in your own space, improving your joint mobility and muscular strength in everyday situations like getting out of a chair, walking, reaching, and overall stability. We will continue to work on Functional Fitness drills designed to improve our shelter-in-place living. Weight-shifting to lunges, multi-dimensional movement with weights/pillows/objects. Fun and meaningful drills where you can truly track your own progress. It’s all about staying independent and living the life you want at any age. Cost is $10 per class after the first 2 free classes. Payable by check, mobile bank apps (Zelle), PayPal and Venmo.