Advisory Board Minutes for December 21, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
December 21, 2020

Present:  Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Bob Mohler, Jeanne Wolf, Rolando Salazar, Cindy Mohler, Robin Wolf, Dave Dredge, Donn King, Regina Harwig and Kat Reisinger – staff.

Call to order on Zoom at 9:34 am by President Fred Rentschler.

Approval of Minutes of November – approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Bob reports that there is $55,796 in the unrestricted checking account and $24,648 in the restricted checking account. There is $13,730 in Creakers prepaid fees.  Only four checks were issued including newsletter printing and insurance policies. There was a $60 donation from PG&E from unknown person. Bob has been researching accounting software but has decided to remain with the current software for the time being.  Treasurer’s report is attached.

Correspondence – none

  1. Manager/Coordinator Update

Kat reported that it didn’t look like the (senior center) building would open until July 2021.  The City is working on the landscaping around the tennis courts and will be resurfacing soon.  Kat noted that the remodel of the lobby of the senior center is no longer to be done and there still is no wifi for the assembly hall.  She will look into getting a donation to get the wifi there.  Vannessa will no longer be working with the WCSC. Justin is working with the tennis group and the Creakers.  Lyft is still going well but with reduced service for the holidays.  The minibus will start up again after Covid settles down.  Kat noted that the senior support services are up 13%.  The winter wonderland walk scheduled in December but cancelled will now be held January 20 & 21st.  Story time was a success with 24 people participating to tell their stories.  Another session will be held in January.  Preschool art is going out with Meals on Wheels.  Also Kat is working on the preschool and seniors at Via Monte sending postcards to each other.

  1. President’s Report – Fred stated that it has been a strange year but he thanked everyone for sticking it out and for all their hard work.
  • Unfinished Business –
  1. Newsletter – It is going well.  Robin is waiting for information to include in it on how to pay dues on the City website.
  2. Election – there were 15 ballots and no write-ins.  All on the ballots won. Fred congratulated all. Additionally, he welcomed the appointed remaining Board members.  Dorothy Mussey who was going to be secretary had dropped out.  Fred asked Board members take turns doing the minutes. However, Bob Mohler pointed out that the requirement for a Corporate Secretary as an officer is a requirement of State Law for Corporations incorporated in the State of California. Fred will look into getting another secretary.
  3. Dues for 2021- Carol, Bob, Cindy and Kat will work on getting the application available to members so dues can be paid.  Creaker dues will continue to be paid through Club Express. Carol will work on the instructions on how to pay with a credit card. Payment can only be done online. $1 of the membership fee goes to the City.  Robin will merge lists of Creakers, tennis club members, etc for email delivery.  Perfect Mind is the city program so the City can track members as they sign in for classes, etc.
  4. Creakers – since they don’t yet know when they can begin play, dues collection is on hold.
  5. Tennis Group – Fred reported that 2 people have agreed to help out but do not want to be coordinators. 29 people have signed up and paid the dues.  The yearly estimated cost for play is $133.72 per person.  The City will send a quarterly bill to WCSC for the court use. One court is open to the seniors from 8-10 am and two courts are open 9-11 am. Three days a week.
  1. New Business
  1. Membership cards and banners – Fred will work to locate them
  2. Memorandum of Understanding – there will be a motion on the final draft next month.  Need to remove the $7200 on the tennis courts.  Also, the room rental fees are still to be determined as we don’t know how much use will be needed.

** The undersigned had to leave the meeting and the following minutes were done by Fred Rentschler.

  1. Donations – There was discussion of donating money to several worthwhile non-profits. A motion was made by King and seconded by Johnson to send $2500 to Friends of the Creek, approximately $2240 to The City of Walnut Creek for day care scholarships, $5000 to Hillside Food Bank and $2500 to Contra Costa Food Bank. The motion was passed 7 yes, 0 no.

It was agreed that the next Advisory Board Meeting will be on January 18th even though it is federal holiday.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:18am.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf


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