Advisory Board Minutes for November 16, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
November 16, 2020

Present:  Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Bob Mohler, Jeanne Wolf, Rolando Salazar, Kent Clancy, Cindy Mohler, Robin Wolf, Dave Dredge, Donn King.  Also in attendance were Fred Weston from PROS and Dorothy Mussey, Regina Harwig and Ellen Sarbone –WCSC members and potential Board members. Kat Reisinger – staff.

Call to order on Zoom at 9:33 am by President Fred Rentschler.

**Manager/Coordinator Update

As Kat has another meeting, her report was heard first.  She stated that she didn’t have a great deal to report. The senior care activities are continuing successfully (ie library book drop off, meal delivery, etc.).  Outdoor bingo and trivia were a success but may have to be discontinued due to weather, etc.  She stated that Arts and Rec was not able to reach their budget goal and thus are continuing to work on it. The Center still is not open and they are working remotely.

Approval of October 2020 minutes – approved

Treasurer’s Report – Bob has put together a shorter and easier financial report and all were happy with it.  He will do the longer version quarterly. Total assets are $282,628 including Creaker restricted funds of $24,648.  Liabilities include $13,790 of Creaker prepaid fees. Six checks were sent totaling about $500 for miscellaneous items. The bulk mail refund has been received in the amount of $790. Bob has paid the insurance premiums which are up by about 9%.  He will perhaps shop around for the next renewal. He will check with other senior clubs as to their insurance carriers.  As membership renewals will soon be able to be done online with a credit card, Bob will follow up on getting that going through the City.

Correspondence – none

Manager/Coordinator Update – see above

President’s report – no specific information

Unfinished Business –

Newsletter – Per Robin the December newsletter is almost ready to go. In January there will be the membership application information. A reminder will go in the December newsletter.

Election – Per Fred there is a requirement that the ballots be reviewed for write-ins.  As all Board positions are unopposed this will be a simple procedure. Donn King will work with Kat to get the ballots and count. Voting closes December 6, 2020.

10am. Kat leaves.

Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) –  there was further discussion and questions on the MOU.  It will be voted on in December.

New Business

Friends of the Creek (FOC) –There will be a meeting at 3 pm for those who can attend. The plan is to remove non-native plants and plant native plants in the creek area. Fred proposed that WCSC support the work being done in the area by Civic Park.  Currently seedlings are being raised for planting later. The hope is that the WCSC Garden Wizards will be able to support this effort.

2021 Dues –  Further work needs to be done with the City to coordinate registration online and input of the membership information including the membership fees that are mailed in.  Bob will spearhead this coordination.  Bob made a motion that dues per person remain at $15. Jody seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Ambassadors Reports-

Walking Buddies – Rolando reported that the group is meeting once a week and they have about 15 people participating.

Qi Gong – Robin reports that there are 8 or 9 people who are participating in this on Zoom.

Let’s Sing-  Robin reported that the group is working on Zoom performances for assisted living facilities and they are being happily received.  They will do a booklet of Christmas and Hanukah songs for the residents.

Creakers – they are not playing yet. They will keep their same fees.

Garden Wizards – Robin reports that they are looking into leading nature walks in the area over the bridge near Civic Park. Possibly bird watching also.

Website – Cindy reports that there are not as many views, probably due to the pandemic.

PROS – Fred Weston reports that they have not met. Perhaps in December.

Meeting adjourned at 10:37 am

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf


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