Storytelling Program

Hosted by returning teaching artist: Emily D.B.
Sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek
Call the Story Hotline at (205) 885-9169

Would you like to tell stories from your life? Not sure where to start? The Center for Community Arts invites you to join our Storytelling program! When you call the Story Hotline, you can listen to an inspiring story, as well as a series of questions to help get you started telling tales from your own life.

* Call in during the week to listen to the prompt and record one or more of your own stories. You can call anytime, and leave as many stories as you would like to!

*There will be an opportunity to have your story heard by others. We may also choose one story each week to share the next week — as inspiration! If you do not want your story to be shared, simply say, “Please do not share this story,” at the beginning of your call.

*This program is supported by a grant from the Walnut Creek Civic Pride Foundation and additional funding from the Community Arts Foundation.

Questions can be sent to Emily at


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