Advisory Board Minutes for October 19, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
October 19, 2020

Present:  Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Bob Mohler, Jeanne Wolf, Wayne Slater, Rolando Salazar, Cindy Mohler, Robin Wolf, Dave Dredge, Donn King.  Also in attendance was Fred Weston from PROS and Dorothy Mussey, Regina Harwig and Ellen Sarbone –WCSC members and potential Board members.

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Bread Stuffing Recipe for Two

If you don’t have a whole turkey, make this stuffing in a casserole.

I was feeling blue that I was unable to eat out this Thanksgiving. We always eat out and cook a turkey for Christmas. But I was not going to let COVID stand in the way of a traditional turkey dinner. I have always been a big turkey and dressing freak. When I was a child, I always wanted to eat at Howard Johnsons, because I knew I could count on it being on the menu. Now I had to translate that into dinner for two.
I started with a three-pound boneless turkey breast. Unfortunately, it was not likely to generate much drippings for gravy So I bought a jar of pre-made turkey gravy. We always made stuffing on the side in addition to what we stuffed in the bird, because a turkey just doesn’t hold enough stuffing. I had to guess at the amounts that went into the side stuffing. So, I measured each ingredient on Thanksgiving Day, so I could replicate it and share the recipe for Christmas. It makes four generous servings.

24 oz. bread (I like wheat bread)
1 half cup diced onion
3 medium celery stalks
2 and one-half tbsp. melted butter
1 half tsp. poultry seasoning
1 16 oz. can uncondensed chicken broth

The day before, chop bread into cubes. Set out in an uncovered bowl to dry.

Dice onion and slice celery. Cook in water until onion and celery soften. Drain.
Melt butter.
Add all other ingredients to bread except chicken broth and mix thoroughly. Place in ovenproof casserole, 2 and one half to three quarts. Pour broth over stuffing.

Bake turkey breast according to directions. Ours called for a 325 oven, so that’s the temperature we used to bake the breast to 185 and the stuffing for a half hour with the lid on and a half hour with the lid off.

Add cranberry sauce, potatoes and a vegetable for a complete feast. Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!
And if you share your dinner over Zoom, no one will ask you if you brought enough for everybody.



Two free cards for you to download

It looks like we are going to have a lot of trouble getting out to buy Christmas cards. So, in the spirit of giving, Walnut Creek Seniors Club has two cards for you to download and print. One has a shameless Christmas theme, and one is an all-purpose one that you can send to anyone. They are designed to be printed on standard letter paper and folded and stuffed into a standard business envelope.  And you can always email them as an attachment.

Here are the links to the PDFs:
Christmas     Christmas themed card
Seasons Greetings     Season’s Greetings general

There are lots of web sites with printable cards that you have to fold to make standard greeting cards. Just be aware that it probably won’t look good unless you print it on 67 lb. cardstock or index weight paper.  And if you do that, you will have to score the folds or they will crackle.  Also, you need special size envelopes for these cards.

Whatever you decide, have fun with your printer. Happy Holidays.