Garden Wizards Zoom Meeting

Restoring the Actual Walnut Creek
Sponsored by the WC Seniors Club Garden Wizards: Free

Monday November 16, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

What is happening to the Creek? The REAL creek. Where, just 70 years ago, you could go fishing? 
The Friends of the Creeks (FOC) with help from the Walnut Creek Watershed Council (WCWC) and the City of Walnut Creek, is working with volunteers to restore the natural ecosystem of the only remaining natural section of Walnut Creek (the REAL creek). Hear Lesley Hunt, President of FOC, and Bob Simmons, former Mayor and Chair of WCWC, talk about the history of the REAL creek, the ongoing restoration efforts, and how you can help. To attend this Zoom session contact Jane at

Walnut Creek runs through Civic Park next to the Senior Center. To get to the eastern part of Civic Park, you have to cross a bridge over Walnut Creek located next to the parking lot. It makes a nice walk. The facts below are from the website of Friends of the Creeks.


Fun facts About Our Creek

1. Salmon ran in Walnut Creek before 1963 when some parts of the creek were put in a culvert with steep cement drops that made swimming upstream impossible for salmon.

2. Between 2013 and 2019 signs of beaver were visible in Walnut Creek outside the Senior Center. Their partially finished dam was washed away by a storm and the beaver abandoned it. 

In 2012 Friends of the Creeks caught and identified fish and crayfish in nets in Walnut Creek in Civic Park and retuned them to the creek.  They took several samples over a period of six weeks and each time the size of the sample declined because the resident otters kept eating the fish.  The otters moved on when the fish population got too low to be worthwhile.

4. Native plants used to grace the banks of Walnut Creek next to the Senior Center and attracted birds and butterflies.


Volunteers sought to Grow Plants for Creek Restoration.  

Would you like to grow some plants for habitat restoration around the creek in Civic Park? The Friends of the Creeks and WC Watershed Commission is supplying the Garden Wizards with a list of native plants for restoration work. They can also provide cuttings that you could grow into plants. Plants that attract butterflies would help build up the butterfly population. If anyone is interested email Jane, leader of Garden Wizards at at


Wanted: Passion for Sharing Garden Expertise.  

Do you or another “Walnut Creekian “ have some experiential knowledge of gardening? The Walnut Creek Seniors Club is sponsoring a garden club that Zooms for 45 to 60 minutes once a month. We are looking for speakers to share their passionate insights with fellow gardeners. The Garden Wizards makes volunteering easy. We are set up to handle the technical aspects of Zoom for a speaker and, if the speaker wants to use photos, to put those photos into a slideshow and manage that slideshow while the speaker talks.  If you or another amateur greenskeeper would like this blooming opportunity please contact Jane at

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