Advisory Board Minutes for July 20, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
July 20, 2020

Present: Bob Mohler, Cindy Mohler, Robin Wolf, Donn King, Wayne Slater, Jody Johnson, Jeanne Wolf, Dave Dredge ,Rolando Salazar, Fred Rentschler.

Also in attendance were Kat Reisinger, Vannessa Cendejas (staff) and Fred Weston (PROS).

Call to order on Zoom at 9:33 am by President Fred Rentschler

  • Minutes – June minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Bob reported that there hasn’t been a great deal of activity in the last month. Unrestricted funds were $258,594 and restricted funds (Creakers) were $24,890 as of June 30, 2020.  Thirty one checks, mostly refunds, were issued. The Creakers will be meeting in August to discuss refunds, etc.  WCSC has received $260 donations in memory of Eileen Kemper. It was agreed to buy something useful for the front reception area (when the new configuration is complete and it is back in use).  The Trustees (Wayne, Jody and Rolando) still need to verity funds for the audit. Bob will send the last bank statement to them.
  • Correspondence – Fred has forwarded the cards received for Eileen Kemper to her daughter.
  • Manager/Coordinator – Kat stated that the City Council is recommending 20 hour staff for the Senior Team support. However, she is losing 50% of her work force.  She has no idea how things will look going forward.

Vannessa stated that she is developing marketing for services that are available but not online.  She also has listings of free Zoom programs – Covia, health and wellness, arm chair travel, etc.  There will be a switch to virtual for fall. programming including classes such as pandemic memoir writing, meditation, etc.

  • Presidents Report – Fred has obtained a Zoom account for the WCSC which is $149/year.  We were paying $15/month ($180/yr).  The Garden Club has found a leader. There will be a four part art history class.
  • Unfinished Business –
    1. Newsletter – We now have a database we can use for the newsletter. The issue of security was brought up for discussion. As we use Mail Chimp and it has two factor verification security it was felt that that was sufficient. WCSC can have 2000 on our list (sufficient for us) and only 5 emails per month.  We would be doing a newsletter and maybe a midmonth email with Zoom information so the 5 per month limit is not a problem.  Robin and Bob went thru the membership list and got the list of those with no emails down to 187.  The cost to email and print and mail the newsletter is $500/month.  Wayne made a motion and Bob seconded the motion that $500 be allotted for the newsletter. The motion carried.
    2. Building Re-organization – Per Kat all the extra stuff stored by the WCSC has been gotten rid of and the necessary items kept. It was commented that the pancake breakfast will probably not restart.
    3. Audit – see previous
    4. Vice President vacancy – still open
  • New Business –
    1. Zoom – Fred stated that using Zoom seems to be working out. Members are now familiar with how it works. We should probably continue with Zoom.  David Harkness is doing a class on Art History.  There was some discussion to limiting the class size to 20 as he wants there to be discussion. However, it was decided to leave the number open as we want to promote inclusiveness in WCSC.
    2. Membership – John Muir non profit, Optim, has offered to get our data base and website more up to date. Fred has met with them and believes this would be helpful.  Fred, Bob and Cindy will be meeting with them in the future.
    3. Optim – also offers mediation services and could help WCSC and the City draw up another updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The current MOU expires in December. Access to our data base and website

is needed by Optim and it was agreed that they could have that access.

  • Ambassadors Report – The Creakers are having a leadership meeting in 2 weeks and they will be making a decision about the current season and, if not, about refunds or credits. Cindy has sent out the data base report.  Rolando says the Walking Buddies are anxious to get going again.  Maybe mid-August.  Jody wanted to be sure we all thank Robin for all her hard work on the newsletter.
  • PROS – Fred say there have been no meetings since Covid started but there is a meeting scheduled for August 3rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf


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