Garden Wizards Zoom Meeting

Forbidden Fruit

Monday October 19
Sponsored by the Garden Wizards of the WC Seniors Club: Free

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Tips and advice on how to take care of fruit trees in our area from Fred Rentschler who has 45 years experience, both positive and negative, keeping fruit trees alive and fruitful. Topics will include what trees to plant and why, bare root planting, pruning, maintenance and pest management. This talk is sponsored by the Garden Wizards, who hold once a month meetings on gardening.
The Garden Wizards meet the third Monday of the month at 3 pm.
For an email invitation with a Zoom link to Forbidden Fruit or to get on the email list for upcoming events, email Jane, leader of the Garden Wizards, at

Wanted: Passion for Sharing Garden Expertise.  

Do you or another “Walnut Creekian “ have some experiential knowledge of gardening? The Walnut Creek Seniors Club is sponsoring a garden club that Zooms for 45 to 60 minutes once a month. We are looking for speakers to share their passionate insights with fellow gardeners. The Garden Wizards makes volunteering easy. We are set up to handle the technical aspects of Zoom for a speaker and, if the speaker wants to use photos, to put those photos into a slideshow and manage that slideshow while the speaker talks.  If you or another amateur greenskeeper would like this blooming opportunity please contact Jane at

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