Advisory Board Minutes for January 27, 2020

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
January 27, 2020


President Mark Pitzlin called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and welcomed members and guests.

Present:  Mark Pitzlin, Rolando Salazar, Fred Rentschler, Annette Hammond, Barbara Bacon, Wayne

Slater, Jody Johnson, Kat Reisinger – Staff, Vanessa Rodriquez – Staff, Guests Robin Wolf and Bob Joe,  and Fred Weston, Parks & Rec.

  1. The Agenda for the December 16, 2019 meeting was approved.

Dick Dennis, acting Treasurer reported everything in the financial report is pretty accurate. The

computer is acting up.

There was no correspondence.



Kat Reisinger introduced Justin ……. The new clerical assistant who will be updating social media, helping with newsletter and more as his roll evolves. He is from Sacramento and graduated St. Mary’s. He worked at Lafayette Rec and is passionate about sports.

Kat then reported Grandparents Day at the Pool will be held June 5 from 10:30 to 12:30.

She further reported the City Budget is on a 2-year cycle with the priority being Your Parks – Your Future. Kat also reported a Transportation Grant  has just been filed, and that the  City paid $33,000.00 in support of the Lyft program.  She will continue as liaison to Chuck Todd on the monthly newsletter. Feb. 7 will be the deadline for March newsletter.


Vannessa reported the Alzheimer Workshop has 24 signed up and there is a fall prevention seminar scheduled for February with 9 signed up.  Volunteer Recognition lunch will be held April 15 at Boundary Oak.



  1. Newsletter Review: Justin will be helping with the monthly newsletter. There followed discussion about the issue of one-month full newsletter and the next month a half newsletter which means a lot of information is either shortened or left out.  Barbara Bacon motioned that we go to full newsletter each month, Annette Hammond seconded and the motion passed. Fred Rentschler reported there is not that much difference in cost – a portion of which is paid by the City.
  2. Holiday Party: Robin Wolf reported 106 tickets sold – many of which were sold by Robin to groups who participate in events held at the Senior Center. The event was a huge success – good food, good entertainment.
  3. Preston Jones thanked the Board for the generous donation to the Special Recreation Scholarship Program which will provide for 10 full one-way scholarships.

Mark then spoke about the proposed Creakers Golf Tournament – the proceeds of which will also benefit the Special/Rec program.

  1. General Meeting – Jan. 16 Review: Annette thanked the Board for the beautiful flowers and gift card.  She thought the idea of a General Meeting was very good and should be held once or twice a year.  It was attended by 48 – 9 of whom then  attended the Investment meeting and 7 people joined the “Let’s Sing” group. It was agreed that coffee and donuts will be served at the next General Meeting, not champagne.
  2. The Volunteer Forum was attended by 15 – 12 of whom are interested in volunteering.
  3. Crab Feed Review: Annette reported that Melanie did a great job – beautiful decorations, good crab, lots of volunteer servers.  Two winners divided the $275 raffle – and Mark passed around a tip jar which resulted in each server receiving $55.00.
  5. New WCSC Email address: Mark is working on a new email address for the Senior Club. Marilyn Tagliarini will be working with Mark and staff to route messages to proper party for response?
  6. Promotional Material: In order to promote WCSC it has been determined we need several  items – Banners, tabletop displays, table cover with logo. Fred Rentschler motioned that we purchase (1) One 12’x3’ Pancake breakfast Banner (this was approved several months ago; (2) one 4’x8’ “sponsored by” banner; (3) Two table covers with logo; (4) One 72’  Vinyl banner to be used on table-top display unit donated by Mark. Annette seconded and the motion carried.
  7. Senior Membership Card: Annette mentioned that the reason the membership card was discontinued was due to status of supervisor changes. One reason to reinstate is allow member to receive discount from various local merchants. Jody motioned that we reinstate cards, Rolando seconded and the motion is put on hold pending more information – cost of cards, and when to start.
  8. “Lunch Bunch” proposal: Jody announced she would promote monthly “Lunch Bunch” destinations within a 100-mile radius of Walnut Creek – transportation to be provided by chartered bus. Wayne motioned we look into it and Fred Seconded. The motion is on hold.
  9. Upcoming Trips: Annette has canceled 2 trips due to lack of participation. She has tickets to “Hamilton” April 8 – at $93.00.
  10. Upcoming Social Events: Barbara Bacon said the next event will be held March 20. She and Robin Wolf are working on a theme. This event has only a tiny notice in the February newsletter.
  11. Review of “President’s One on One” meetings: Some suggestions presented were:

Country Hoe-Down; Dancing under the Stars; contacting ‘Next Door’; stroll at Boundary Oak Golf Course; jazzed up newsletter.  Mark urged everyone to use any contacts you have in order to promote new/younger members – shut-ins.

  1. Ambassador Reports
  2. Mark asked for review of Ambassador status – how many, who and duties of each. Three Trustees consist of: Wayne Slater; Barbara Bacon; Rolando Salazar – their duty is auditing the books once a year.
  3. Fred Weston reported the City Council is focused on “Your Parks/Your Future”, with a main focus being the Clark Swim Center.  Many facilities are aging and in need.
  4. Bob Joe, guest was introduced. He is just here to observe.



Meeting adjourned 11:24 a.m.


Respectfully submitted

Jody Johnson

Acting Secretary


Next Meeting:   February 24, 2020



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